Roxy Fish Surfboard EPS
Roxy Fish Surfboard EPS
Roxy Fish Surfboard EPS

Roxy Fish Surfboard EPS

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The Roxy Fish will get you up and ripping with ease. With extra volume and a classic swallow tail this little beauty will glide over the slow sections and give you speed you didn't dare dream about. Stable under foot yet loose in the tail with great paddling power, it will improve your surfing while keeping the smile on your face. A joy to surf, because after all girls just want to have fun!


1-4 ft, beach & reef breaks

All conditions


Beginner to Intermediate


3 fin Futures setup


PU foam core

6x6x4 oz fiberglass

EPS Sycomin super resistant resin


Slight single concave into double with V to maintains speed and control.

Gentle Rocker throughout to allow easy positioning and turning

Medium to full rail for forgiveness through turns.

Wide Nose for stability and paddling power.

Wide swallow tail for hold and extra surface area for gliding.

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