Quiksilver Infinite CARBON Prone Foil Board - 4&

Quiksilver Infinite CARBON Prone Foil Board - 4'6"

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Full Carbon Foil board with full deck grip.

Quiksilver foils will help you bring surf inspired lines to foiling, with amazing speed, projection and looseness.

The boards are aimed to an intermediate foiler. The carbon version is super stiff to ensure all of your energy is transferred directly to the foil without losing force due to board flex. The board is feather light for effortless lift out of the water.

The board has 2x stringers that reinforce the board for strength, particularly around the foil boxes. The deck is flat, rails are chined and there's a double concave in the nose which stops the board sticking to the water when it touches.

Paddling is a breeze, especially with our generous volume compared to the length..

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